Made in copper, titanium and stainless steel and utilise the latest plastics for casings. These heat exchangers are manufactured in a variety of designs and they feature:

  • Nylon Top
  • Thermostat Pocket
  • Polyethylene Case
  • Moulded 50mm BSP Threads
  • Lightweight
  • Turbulator

Vaportec’s globally patented Spirex tube form has numerous advantages over standard tube. Vaportec heat exchangers are easily installed and the Spirex tube system gives these heat exchangers superior cooling qualities when compared to standard tube type exchangers.

The Spirex form is used in all the various models of heat exchangers manufactured and enhances the co-efficient of thermal transfer by approximately 300% over straight tubing.

No matter what size engine or transmission you wish to cool, we have the heat exchanger to do the job – and to do it better than the competition.

NB: Better, more efficient cooling equals engine and transmission longevity.

So, to keep your cool, contact us today.

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