US Watermaker have been manufacturing reverse osmosis water makers for more than 30 years and City of Sails Marine Products are proud to present their range to you.


Whether you own a small pleasure craft or an ocean going ship, US Watermaker has a model specifically designed to meet your requirements.


The Island Explorer, available in 12v, is an economical modular unit designed for hard to fit locations on powerboats and sailing vessels, capable of producing 500 – 1500 US GPD.


The Clearwater, one of the most compact systems on the market and it offers all the features you would expect in a high quality R.O. unit at a very competitive price and capable of producing 400 – 1,500 US GPD.


The Workboat, a frame mounted semi-modular or modular unit designed for all vessels, capable of producing 500 – 4,000 US GPD and finally, the Commercial Class, the largest line of watermakers designed for cruise ships, processing ships, coastal resorts, and super yachts. These units produce 5,000 – 22,000+ US GPD