INNATURE, are a team of experienced craftsmen who love to work together, and who care for the health of people and of our planet and this philosophy resonates with that of City of Sails Marine Products

Boat Mattresses-Pure Comfort-Pure Rest

Looking for an extra level of comfort below the deck? Look no further!!
Latex or Coco Latex mattresses gently conform to every contour of your body, providing optimal support and pressure relief. Every mattress is hypo-allergenic and mildew-proof. Even in the most humid marine environments, these mattresses are highly resistant to bacterial growth. They feature a breathable 100% Natural Latex Dunlop pin core construction, fold for easy installation, and are offered in a variety of lengths and firmnesses to accommodate your needs.

City of Sails Marine Products knows that we love all the comforts of home while sailing the waterways and a good night’s sleep after a day of sailing, fishing or exploring is essential.

City of Sails Marine Products can provide a 100% Natural mattress in many shapes and varieties of firmness, thickness and size.
Mattresses can be made to suit V-Berths, rounded end island beds and odd shaped cut outs.
One thing to remember with your boat is the access door to the bedroom. Many mattresses have to be split in half to get through the access door; your mattress can be made with a zip to join the two together once on the bed, if necessary. When you are ready to order a made to measure mattress just take your measurements and give us a call. If you are replacing an existing mattress, measure the mattress rather than the area it fits into, so you get the perfect fit. If you are measuring the base, remember to allow a couple of extra centimeters to tuck in sheets and blankets.
If you are unsure about taking measurements, give City of Sails Marine Products a call and we can provide some helpful tips or if your boat is located in Auckland, we can come out and make all needed templates. For difficult cut outs you are also welcome to send us a template and we will make to order.

The final choice to make is what comfort level you prefer. We have Firm, Medium Firm, Medium Soft or Soft (yet supportive) and mattress protectors available.

We use natural but moisture resistant materials such as Natural Latex and Coco fibre rubberised with Latex.
We also make 100% Organic cotton bedding to fit the mattresses, and Coconut fibre core under mattresses mats to ensure good air circulation.
We make your mattress to your requirements by combining different Natural Materials: Coco Fibre core and Natural Latex.