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From the largest commercial vessels to the smallest weekend runabouts, and everything in-between, we can provide you with the world's leading marine VHF communications products to suit any type of situation on the water.

Icom equipment includes long range, ship-to-shore, side band transceivers for worldwide communications from shipboard operations, as well as short range VHF communications equipment. Icom have also developed state-of-the-art communications equipment to suit the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

Icom is the supplier of choice for the New Zealand Navy and Coastguard to provide a range of marine VHF radio products that are unsurpassed for quality, excellence and reliability.

Icom is proud to be the manufacturers of the world's first floating VHF radio (IC-M33) and also to have won numerous awards for its marine VHF handheld radios, as decided and voted by the marine dealers Independent Dealer Association - NMEA. These highly coveted awards reflect the industry's confidence in Icom's marine VHF technology and quality and its position as the leader in simple, dependable worldwide communications for air, land and sea.

Services & Warranty

Our Service Department provides repair and maintenance for all Icom products. Replacement parts, service and instruction manuals can also be ordered.

Non-Warranty Repair.  If you have purchased your Icom radio without a warranty, we can still provide a quote to repair your equipment.

'Back to Base' Warranty.  Any product purchased from us comes with a 'Back to Base' Warranty which will provide you with a full back-up service in New Zealand and enable you to return your Icom radio for repairs, free of charge.

For all services: Contact  or call us on +64 21 245 8809.


Icom's Latest GMDSS Package

City of Sails Marine are proud to announce that we have just launched the latest Icom GMDSS range in New Zealand! 

Satisfies SOLAS Carriage Requirements:

The GM600 and GM800 meet the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) VHF and MF/HF radio requirements as required for SOLAS regulated commercial vessels engaging in international voyage. Both radios meet the MED, “wheel mark” requirements for European merchant ships.

  Operating overview of GMDSS:

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is the International radio safety system for ships mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The GMDSS system provides automated distress alerting and distress communication service with location information.

Ships engaged in international shipping (SOLAS vessels) are obliged to carry GMDSS communication equipment. Also, most governments have specified use of selected GMDSS systems for their regulated domestic vessels and non-regulated vessels are permitted to use any GMDSS system.

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