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City of Sails Marine Products

Bringing you a great range of top quality marine products, boats and boating equipment, accessories and services.  If you don’t find it, ask us to find it for you. Search here or submit an inquiry

Shop here for a huge range of nautical, marine, boats and equipment, services, accessories and products – everything you need for your recreational boating.

City of Sails Marine Products provides a great range of high quality boating stuff, for boats, yachts, launches,  power boats, superyachts, and if you can’t find it on this site, we can find that special item of boating equipment for you. We’re specialists in paint, anti foul, foul release and special coatings for all boats – wood, steel, aluminium and GRP. See our list of paint applicators, or ask us for one near you.

City of Sails Marine Products is a division of City of Sails Marine Ltd, dealers and brokers for superyachts, launches, catamarans, yacht, launches and powerboats. Together we provide not only a range of boating equipment but also marine services including finance, valuations, insurance, and contacts with marine surveyors and other advisors and services.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, click on the brands below, call us or submit an order/inquiry form.